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    Why choose us to handle your estate sale needs?
    PRICE - We have the most competitive cost structure in the industry, no hidden fees.
    METHODS: An on-site sale maximizes profits.
    MARKETING - The proper advertising campaign defines every successful sale, ours is top notch!
    EXPERIENCE - Our proven track record of successful sales
    COMMUNICATION - We are available throughout the entire process and you are updated in detail along the way.


    Desert Estate Liquidators LLC provides professional services for estate sales, liquidations and moving sales in the state of Arizona.   Our staff is ready to use its more than 27 years combined experience in  retail, sales, antiques, collectibles and merchandising to help with your estate liquidation needs. We market your possessions; we know how to get the job done.  If you just have too much stuff or are trying to settle an estate, we can help.


    We stand alone in the business, miles above the rest. From our professionalism to our pricing technique, our courteous,  knowledgeable staff pays attention to every detail for the absolute best outcome. Call us, you will see why Desert Estate Liquidators LLC has an excellent reputation in this business.

    Our experienced team will appraise your merchandise as part of an on-site estate sale. Learn more about our available services.

    We work on commission, so there is no up-front cost to you, unless travel is involved.  Trust the team at Desert Estate Liquidators  LLC to provide the help you need to efficiently sell the items accumulated by an estate. We go to great lengths to ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of our service. Call today for a free consultation.

    When hiring us, people often ask what they need to do before we arrive. The simple answer is, you need to do absolutely nothing, that is why you are paying a professional company!

    1. Do not throw out ANYTHING! Believe it or not, half full bottles of cleaning supplies, old magazines, newspaper, greeting cards etc. sell faster than the furniture. Even an old broken plate or picture frame can be re-purposed by an arts and crafts buyer with an imagination. The only thing you can do if you wish, is to clean out the refrigerator and just one bathroom for our staff - we will handle the rest!

    2. Our sales achieve better sale amounts than taking collectibles to specialty stores. NEVER take things like old toys, comics, trading cards, ect to a hobby shop to sell them. NEVER take any jewelry, silver, or gold to a cash for gold or local jeweler to pre-sell. These items are the best sellers at our sales and we have a certified gemologist on our staff to do a valuation on each piece. In some cases, the costume jewelry is worth more than the fine jewelry - therefore do not trust anyone else doing a buyout, we get top dollar for jewelry at our sales and it also helps attract a crowd. If after we appraise each piece, you decide to keep a few items, that is fine, you at least now know the true value.

    3. To do a good job for you at the sale, we need access to the property weeks before the actual event. We pride ourselves on our extensive advertising campaign and we cannot stage, price, and photograph the inventory for marketing until we have first set-up and researched all the contents of the home. By law, we need to register all gold & silver items to be sold under the "Maryland Secondhand Precious Metals Resale Regulation" and these items sometimes have 3 week hold period to legally sell. We take jobs on a first come, first serve basis and do not hold sale dates until we have a signed contract. In other words, it's never too soon to call us to book a sale.

    4. We will gladly come visit the home to give you an estimate on what we feel your sale will generate at absolutely no charge, we dedicate only a few days a week for appointments so, again, call ASAP. The tab at the top of this web page titled "hiring a company" also answers many important questions regarding your sale.

    5. If you need a fast, brief recommendation and can't wait to book an appointment-you can also send or text us just a few photos of each room (especially the basement, attic, and garage believe it or not) and we can often times start you in the right direction over the phone that day.


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